Freightseeker offers transportation with the leading shipping companies in Sweden and the EU such as DHL, UPS, Schenker, Jetpak, NTG and Bring.

We are proud to offer you shipping services with these companies and we are looking forward to help you find the best transport to suit your needs.

Our system is fully integrated with our partners such as DHL, UPS, Schenker, Jetpak, NTG and Bring and we are therefore able to give you the best options for your shipping needs.

Our partners offers many shipping services so whether you are an individual, a small company, you have an ecommerce business or working for a larger company we can offer you the best shipping services for your specific needs.

With Freightseeker you are able to ship within Sweden or the EU, so whether your business is about import or export we have the right solution for you.

Our shipping partners

DHL Freight

DHL Freight - Experts in road- and railway transportation with a large fleet in Sweden and Europe

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DHL Express

DHL Express - Specializes in international shipping and courier deliveries

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UPS - Experts in express deliveries

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Bring - One of the largest shipping companies in the nordic countries

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