If you are in need of express delivery then Freightseeker recommends UPS. UPS is one of the leading shipping companies when it comes to express deliveries.

Since 1907 UPS have been in the business of delivering goods and today they offer a variety of shipping services in more than 200 countries, and with more than 400 000 employees they deliver on their promise. Today UPS is the world's largest company when it comes to express- and package deliveries.

Freightseeker share UPS focus on optimal timing and price, and as a leading shipping company UPS offers a wide variety of shipping services.

Here are some of the services that UPS offer to our customers:

UPS Express

UPS Express guarantees fast deliveries in Sweden. Freightseeker recommend this option when you are looking for fast and reliable deliveries. UPS Express service guarantee next day delivery before 9 am or 12 midday.

International shipping with UPS Express

If you are in need of a safe and fast shipping service when sending goods within the EU then Freightseeker recommend UPS Express. UPS Express offer next day delivery to most places within the EU.

UPS Standard

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable option for your shipping needs we recommend UPS Standard. This service offers to ship envelopes, packages and goods within Sweden and the EU within five working days. This door-to-door service offers the perfect balance between time and cost.

Ship internationally with UPS Express Saver

Just like with UPS Express you can transport your goods within Sweden and the EU with next day delivery before the end of the day when using UPS Express Saver. A perfect solution when time is of the essence but cost is still a consideration.