General information about freights and transports.

When you use for the transport of your parcels, pallets etc. you have access to a variety of shipping services from our partners. Whether the priority is to deliver your shipping as quickly as possible or to find the cheapest alternative, you can find your shipping method of choice here at We have the alternatives that best suits your needs. Also, the services that you choose from have additional services that you can purchase and add to your shipping order. Here at you only need to know four things:

  • Where you want your goods sent
  • The dimensions of your goods
  • When you want it delivered
  • How much you want to pay

Below you can find various examples of shipping and transports services that we provide here at


Servicepoint is a safe and swift service for parcels. With this service you can send packages from businesses to private individuals residing in Sweden. Servicepoint covers large parts of Sweden with 1400 agents around the country. We at consider this service priceworthy for transport, and with Servicepoint your package will be delivered the next day. In some of the more remote parts of Sweden it may take just a little bit longer though.

When using this service, you have the opportunity to get notifications via SMS or Email. Also, it is simple to use Servicepoint when you want to send something in return. You can trace your shipping by using the service “trace your goods” (link). Remember: the maximum weight when sending packages with Servicepoint is 20 kg.

Send business parcels with Freightseeker.

With Freightseeker you can send parcels with the best shipping companies in Sweden. Our parcel services are priceworthy and your parcels will be delivered in 1-3 days. The parcel will be picked up at your location and delivered directly to the address of the receiver. The delivery is swift and simple no matter where you are located in Sweden. All of our partners have daily, flexible and scheduled pickups. Simply put, a fast and reliable shipping solution!

Express Delivery

Sometimes when there are critical deadlines to uphold a transport might demand delivery early in the day or delivery before a specific time. You can choose between our different express services that ship door-to-door within a certain period of time.

We collaborate with the biggest shipping companies within the freight industry, which means that we can guarantee reliable and fast deliveries -in a safe way. Because of our shipping volumes we always offer excellent prices on our express services on And you can of course trace your express delivery all the way - from start to finish.

Pallet services

We are proud to present competitive pricing when you need to send pallets. In other words, Freightseeker can offer you excellent alternatives regardless if you need to send one pallet or multiple pallets. For this type of transport it is important to remember that the prices applies to pallets with the standard measurements 120 cm x 80 cm. Just like with our other services, you get fast deliveries and you can trace your goods all the way -from start to finish.

Export and Import

You can easily send both parcels and pallets from and to Sweden with

The benefit of using Freightseeker is that you can find cheap and fast freights. We have multiple freights to Finland, Denmark and Germany and we are also expanding to other EU-countries.