DHL Freight is a freight supplier who specializes in road- and rail transports. Thanks to a strong network in Sweden and Europe, DHL is one of Freightseeker’s biggest suppliers. When combining Freightseeker and DHL you can send everything from small parcels to large and heavy shipments.

DHL is one of the leading companies in logistics, not only in Sweden but also globally.

DHL Freights speciality is custom-made solutions for transport and handling of goods. This is achieved by combining their global network with the local expertise.

Freightseeker offers these flexible and priceworthy shipping services for DHL Freight.

DHL Parcel Sweden

This alternative is an excellent service when you want to send parcels quick and easy with DHL within Sweden. With DHL Parcel Sweden, the shipments are flexible with pick-up every workday in nearly all of Sweden. In most cases the delivery takes place the next workday. It is important to know that all parcels needs to be sorted by machine, so please keep that in mind!

DHL Service Point

Do you run an ecommerce business? Or some other type of business where you need to send packages to private individuals? If that is the case, DHL Service Point is the best alternative for you. In Sweden there are 1400 Service Points, which means swift deliveries and a very reliable supplier. This means that DHL Service Point covers large parts of Sweden. Thanks to DHL Service Point you can send parcels with DHL quick and easy!

DHL Pall

If your company mostly sends pallets, then we recommend you to choose DHL Pall via Freightseeker. In the same shipping you can send 1 to 3 full pallets or 1 to 6 half pallets. Also, you can mix sizes of pallets to a corresponding surface of 3 full pallets. In other words, this is a very flexible option. The delivery is normally done the next workday. Welcome to book DHL Pall through Freightseeker.

DHL Stycke

If the descriptions of the shipping alternatives above doesn´t fit then maybe it is general cargo that you need to send. If your cargo has special (or out of the ordinary) dimensions then DHL Stycke is the appropriate alternative for you. Freightseeker and DHL can assist you in sending goods in different shapes and sizes. Some examples are long-goods, cages, cartons and more. The delivery is done the next workday.

DHL Home Delivery Sweden

With DHL Home Delivery, packages are sent home to private individuals around Sweden. The package is delivered directly to the recipients front door, which is a convenient solution both for you and the recipient. This is a safe and reliable transport service for all parties. We at Freightseeker highly recommend sending packages with DHL Home Delivery.