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1Write where you want to ship your goods and from where
2Fill in information about what you want to transport
3Compare prices and delivery times
4Pay and print out a waybill
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This is how it works

It is simple to send your parcels and pallets with Freightseeker!

1. Write where you want to ship your goods and from where
We offer domestic and international deliveries to all of Europe.

2. Fill in information about what you want to transport
You can send both pallets and parcels.

3. Compare prices and delivery times
Do you want express delivery or the cheapest option?

4. Pay and print out a waybill
Your goods will be picked up and delivered at the date of your choice.

Track your shipment är

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I use

You will not have to call multiple transporters because you will find the cheapest and best transport here within a few seconds. Many shipping companies demand that you have a customer number to purchase a transport. Here at you can purchase your transports quick and easy without a customer number. We make it simple for you to receive waybills and trace your goods directly at

Does it cost anything to use your services?

No, we don’t demand any payment for our services, you only pay for the shipment that you order.

Who can use our shipping services?

Both companies and private individuals can use our services.

Is it cheaper than the regular price to ship with

Yes, it is both cheaper and more flexible.

Fler vanliga frågor

Express delivery
Are you in a hurry with your transport? No problem! We will assist you in sending express delivery to all of Europe.

Pallets and packages
Because of our shipping volumes you will receive great prices on both pallets and parcels.

We make it simple for companies and private individuals to ship within Sweden.

Send pallets and parcels from Sweden to all EU-countries to excellent prices.

What do our customers think

"Smooth service"

A perfect service for us that don’t transport packages often. Both cheap and simple. It is highly recommended.
- Ola Johansson, Part Development i Bromma

"All of our transports in one place"

Freighseeker is entirely responsible for our transports. Everything from portion transmissions to express delivery. The simplicity and the price range matches our demands on modern shipping services.
- Magnus Håkansson, Sjömarkenshus & Byggsystem AB i Borås

Shipped miles

On a daily basis we send everything from small packages to big pallets. We handle shipments within Sweden and imports and exports within Europe. Please have in mind that we also offer environmentally friendly options.

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Freightseeker uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security protocol for secure data transfer over the Internet or other networks. The encrypted channel between sender and recipient of the SSL protocol ensures that nobody can manipulate data (Message Integrity). The SSL protocol uses digital certificates to check senders and/or recipients data authentication (Server Authentication).

Secure payments

Freightseeker currently accepts VISA and MasterCard. When the customer pays by debit card, the payment is processed by Freightseeker's payment partner Adyen to ensure fast and secure payment.